Ashley Bannan

Owner & Head Coach, FREE Intro Class coach, Intro to the Barbell Class Coach

* Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit has had a profound impact on my own personal life. Throughout the years of trying many different styles of working out I stumbled upon CrossFit. I immediately fell in love with the sport and most importantly, the community! 

My passion for CrossFit grew more and more each day. I hungered to learn more, set new goals, help others with their goals and before I knew it found myself quickly in a coaching position. It ignited my drive to help people and watch them grow not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. 

Being apart of CrossFit Abbellire has changed my life for the better. It is the greatest community I know. When presented the opportunity to step into the ownership position of CrossFit Abbellire there was no hesitation! My #1 goal in life is to serve others and to serve others well.

When stepping into our facility my hope is that you feel a different kind of vibe. One that is welcoming. One that makes you feel alive. One that creates a desire for you to become better, learn, grow, create goals you never thought possible. Our staff here wants nothing more then to see you succeed. All are truly welcomed into the CrossFit Abbellire Family.

Dana watson

group class coach 

* Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Ever since I was very young  I was involved in several different physical activities.  After college, my typical workout routine became mundane and I found it hard to stay motivated and engaged at the gym.  A friend of mine had joined CrossFit Abbellire and insisted that I give it a try.  I was intimidated by just the thought of trying CrossFit, but with some hesitation, I found myself attending an intro class.  I was welcomed and encouraged more than I ever expected.   That was just the beginning of my ever-growing journey with this phenomenal sport.

Several of us at the gym participated in an all-girl competition during September of 2016.  It was inspiring for me to see not only the level of determination from our female team, but also the many people from the gym who came together to support us.  I wanted to be that support system for others, and I started becoming comfortable with helping other athletes in the gym with their form.  When Ashley approached me about the idea of becoming a coach, I couldn’t have been more flattered and excited!

My goal as a coach is to never stop learning, and to inspire others to attempt things they never thought they would.  With every lift, every pull-up, every row, we are growing and becoming physically and mentally stronger.  CrossFit really is for everyone, and my hope is that one day I will inspire others even a fraction of the extent that I have been inspired by my coaches.


jeff bannan

owner, Group Class Coach

*Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I spent most of my former athletic life in the Cheerleading space, having cheered for 4 years at the University of Kentucky and a year for the (at the time) World Champion Baltimore Ravens, functional fitness has been a part of my life far longer than I realized.

I’ve been coaching for nearly 20 years beginning in the late 90s working with Middle and High School teams in the cheer space and have also had the opportunity to coach many athletes who have gone on to become either World Champions or Collegiate National Champs with programs such as; Top Gun, U of Louisville, U of Wilmington, U of Kentucky.

Shortly after Ashley (my wife) discovered CrossFit, I was brought in and got hooked.  Not long after she started coaching, I realized how much of a natural fit it would be for me to be able to use the coaching skills I had learned in prior years with younger athletes and apply them to working with adults on their health and wellness.  I continue to coach high-level gymnastics tumbling and cheerleading but now greatly enjoy coaching adults knowing how much CrossFit will impact their lives in a positive way just like it has for myself and my family.  

Most importantly & the reason I coach is that I know I can help to instill the Growth Mindset into the athletes that will serve them many years ahead and to teach that dedication and hard work over time with a specific focused goal in mind will take you further than you ever dreamed possible!

Thomas keene

group Class coach 

*Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Since I can remember I’ve always been involved in some sort of athletic activity whether it be Sports, Exercising or as Volunteer Fireman with Perkiomen Township Fire Company. Over the years I have tried many different realms of exercise trying to find what suited my fitness level and mental focus. It wasn’t until I found CrossFit in December of 2016 that I knew that I found the perfect mixture of both.

 After many years of plateauing in my workout regimen and finding myself wandering around the gym rather than putting in work did I realize it was time for a change. I sat next to a co-worker for nearly 6 months who was involved in CrossFit and listened day in and day out about his passion for it and how it changed his life. I finally made the decision to attend an intro class here at Abbellire after a close friend had done the same and immediately fell in love. So I walked into my intro class anxious and nervous for what was ahead but left after the workout determined and hooked on what turned out to be a life changing moment.

Since my start in CrossFit my love for the sport and community has done nothing but grown stronger. I walk into the Gym every day and am immediately greeted by my ever growing list of friends and amazing people. This is the only sport where someone lays out every inch of energy they have to finish a workout but still find more to come over and root on the last athlete standing to finish a workout. You cannot say enough about our Community and Foundation that CrossFit is built on.

So I talked to Jeff and Ashley about becoming a coach and here we are today, I now get to look into those anxious eyes walking into the gym and help guide them through this amazing sport. Through continued learning and research I hope to be able to Coach others to achieve their fitness goals and aspirations on the way to a happier, healthier life.

I want to inspire people, I want somebody to look at me and say “Because of you I didn’t give up.”

don kinsey

group class coach

*Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

The founder of CrossFit, Coach Greg Glassman once said, Other gyms use machinesCrossFit builds them. I heard that quote for the first time and I was intrigued. What 20 something year old guy wouldnt want to be referred to as a machine. Soon after I got my start into the sport. I can honestly say that I had no idea how much of an impact CrossFit would have on my life.


In my youth, I swam competitively and played various other sports for fun. It wasn't uncommon to be playing hockey one day and tennis the next. I enjoyed the variation and the different skill sets each activity required. I stayed active into my adulthood and found myself working out 4 to 5 times a week. It was enjoyable but after trying my first CrossFit WOD I was hooked and knew I wouldnt go back to a traditional gym. The structure of the workouts pushed me and kept things from getting mundane. All the different training methods kept me wanting to improve on skills that I hadnt really had any exposure to prior. That desire to learn such things as Olympic lifting and gymnastics really helped me to learn the proper mechanics of the movements. As I gained more knowledge, I slowly started to give pointers to others and this eventually led to a desire to coach. When the opportunity to become a coach arose, I jumped at the opportunity.


Coaches can have a profound impact on peoples lives. Its my goal to be a positive influence for those Im fortunate to teach. I hope that my love for the sport is shown in my coaching and is passed on to others. CrossFit has helped me with mental toughness, shown me I can accomplish things that I never couldve imagined, and has helped me build relationships that are second to none. The physical improvements are an added bonus! If you spend time with the Abbellire Family you will soon realize that its a group of people who greet you with a smile, treat you with respect, and praise every milestone you reach. The community aspect is the best part of CrossFit and it is proven here at CrossFit Abbellire. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with such great coaches and athletes here. So come on in, set some goals and we will help you reach them!


Riley Brown


*Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and USAW Level 1 Trainer

I began my athletic career playing softball and field hockey through my youth and into high school. After joining Crossfit as just a way to stay in shape for the sports, it soon turned into the only sport I wanted to do. Soon after joining Crossfit I began to compete in both Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit. Through my desire to compete I have been to various national competitions all over the country.

Being involved in this sport has taught me so much about myself and the community that Crossfit has built. I soon became interested in coaching and went on to get my USAW Level 1 and my Crossfit L1 certification. Coaching has taught me even more about myself and the community that Crossfit is based on.

    Crossfit is for absolutely everyone whether you're staying in shape for another sport, trying to lose weight or become a better version of yourself and I look forward to helping anyone who comes through Abbellires doors with those desires!


Danielle Fish

group class coach

*Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Until the age of 26 my idea of “working out” consisted of some walks or yoga here or there and a very limited diet in order to be “skinny”.  I was never an athlete, in fact throughout high school and college I was a straight up band nerd and still proud of it!  Right before I got married in the Summer of 2012 my Dad and I were watching the CrossFit Games and I said to my Dad: “That looks like so much fun!  I wish I could be that strong” and his response was “Well, why can’t you be?”  Here I am 5 years later a much stronger, much healthier version of myself.  CrossFit has taught me so much beyond just the lifting and gymnastic skills I never thought possible, but also a new outlook on challenging myself and recognizing the strength that I have rather than just what the scale says.  I took the leap into coaching because I remember those days back in 2012 when I had zero confidence in myself, where every other phrase out of my month was “I can’t.”  I want people to walk out after class feeling inspired and proud of themselves.  I want both men and women to stop looking at the scales and see their bodies for what they truly are; powerful, incredible machines that are doing things the majority of people would never dream to do.  I hope that at the end of the day I am providing you with a foundation that as the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman says (paraphrased by me), will give you unprecedented advantages, allow you to master existent skills, and most importantly (in my opinion) to survive unforeseeable challenges.