Sunday - 12/13

open gym

Some thoughts for everyone...

Here's a shot of Nick and SteveX fighting to get Thursday night's workout done. Now these guys are two of a class of many more, and of a part of our even greater community; not to single them out but nevertheless great examples for the message of this post. Thursday's workout was both demanding and mentally tough, due to the nature of the movements involved. Movement's that are very quickly fatiguing and challenging. Now there are many ways to scale and modify said movements to be much easier and less challenging - which in turn results in completing the workout much faster.

And what I want to get across as a coach is that I'm seeing this detrimental mentality of avoiding things that are more challenging. Not because it is challenging and uncomfortable - but because of that little dry erase marker writing on the white board, with a score that accompanies your names after each and every workout. We want that fastest time. We want that biggest weight. We want the most reps. We NEED to beat that person who uses similar scalings... It is so easy sometimes to forget about why we all started this whole CrossFit thing for in the first place. Not because we wanted to come in, and get the fastest score on the board, or because we wanted to hit more reps, or lift more weight than our friends. But because we wanted to become better. To find better health, better fitness, to be better parents, to be better lovers, to change whatever was broken and to fix it within ourselves. We willingly put ourselves through something uncomfortable every single day to become better people. Not to find the false sensation of being "better" than other people. 

And with that said, as I told the 5pm class Thursday night - remember why we are all here. Forget about the clock. Forget about what he or she or they scored on the workout. Because for that 1-hour of each day, it's all about you, about you working to become your best self. Embrace the challenge. Be hungry for more. Ask me to give you a more challenging scale. Take pride in knowing that you're growing as a person because you chose that challenge. 

The glory is not in moving faster, or lifting heavier, or being able to do something someone else can't. The glory is choosing that challenge and overcoming it and truly becoming a better YOU. That's what's going to make you leave the gym and talk for hours to your spouse or your friends that you accomplished something you thought you never could before. That's what's going to feel good when you're lying in bed at night and reflecting on what you did that day; what you did for yourself.

Lets continue to be better people. Lets continue to challenge ourselves and constantly work towards becoming our best selves.


Posted on December 12, 2015 .