Friday - 1/1 - New Years Day 2016

A message for the New Year 2016

We make people better. 

Abbellire was founded with the desire to help. The desire and willingness to go to great lengths, to go beyond what is expected, to make people better. We are a no frills, no gimmicks organization that aims to change lives through health, fitness, and community. Through a committment to our members of dedication and integrity in all that we do.

We enter into our second year of Abbellire as the new year begins and it brings many new opportunities and changes for us all. We've been delighted to enjoy the addition of new class times, equipment, kids classes, members, new coaches who've dedicated their time and lives to continuing our mission, as well as growth in many more areas. We have grown from a handful of dedicated individuals coming together to workout three times a week at the park to a humbly sizeable living, breathing community of individuals - in a space that has grown more and more into the place we all call home.

As founder and leader of this incredible movement that we have all built together, I am writing this to simply say that we are still only in the pursuit of - making people better. In spite of our growth and the changes, the heart of soul of what we stand for is more expressed than ever. It is not about the money, it is not about the other gyms in our niche industry, it is not about anything other than our mission. It is and has always been about giving back what we have learned about living a better and more fulfilling life and giving it back to those in need - making the world a bit better of a place in our small corner of the world. Whether that is with three people working out at the park together or thousands of people in a massive community in many locations, we stand by the principles that drive us. We will NEVER outgrow our bottom line, which is to genuinely improve the lives of those in our community by adhering to the principles and integrity we stand behind.

This means no gimmicks. No junk and unecessary products that we could sell to you guys to make an extra buck because we value the trust you have of our guidance. No selling out to apparel companies or supplement companies whose only vision is your pocketbooks. This means no tunnel vision of only concerning ourselves with the competition culture that has been sensationalized over the years within our industry and only valuing people based on their physical performances. Financial interests will NEVER dictate what is that we do and why we do it. Superficial interests will NEVER poison and hijack our culture.

Honesty and integrity is what got us to where we are now, and that remains our status quo. With the start of the new year, we will continue to be clear and transparent about what it is that is our mission and what drives us. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and helped create the environment and community that we enjoy today. We enjoy a culture of love, teamwork, dedication, and contribution.

Lets continue to give every last bit of ourselves into the pursuits of a better and more fulfilling life. Lets continue to challenge ourselves everyday and overcome the barriers, the demons, the fears that stand in the way of personal growth. Lets begin to start giving back the lessons we've learned and share the growth we've experienced with those who are still struggling with what we all struggled with before we found this all. Lets never forget what we do and why we do it. Lets continue to be better people.

See you all next year!


Posted on December 31, 2015 .