Sunday - 8/23

open gym

Three and a half months in, and a few nutrition challenges later, this "strong like bull", mother of two has made some pretty inspiring lifestyle changes. Trish, through dedication, and unwavering consistency, has progressed so far already in the short three-month period. This is what this lifestyle can do for people, for those who are willing to commit to taking that first step towards better health, happiness, and a seriously improved quality of life.

For the 600,000 people who die each year from complications from heart disease (sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits) - sitting - this is one of many paths away from needing to be constantly concerned about not being able to play with your children, not being able to watch them graduate, worrying about genetic diseases that you may be predisposed to already, and avoiding the dark track towards sudden fatal illness such as heart disease and stroke. Trish embodies CrossFit Abbellire's mission in changing the statistics and continues to spread the powerful impact of what we do everyday to those who need it. Sometimes we need to put it all on the line and throw ourselves into the fire with something unfamiliar and uncomfortable - before we find it's too late.

These are diseases we don't like to talk about because they're all too common and hit so close to home in many cases, but we have the power and the means to change our tracks. Whether it's through CrossFit, through hiking, local fitness classes, walking your dog more often, etc., and generally being more aware and proactive about your health and fitness, the time to start is now!

For Trish and those of you who are on this journey already, we are endlessly proud of you guys and continue to support and push you towards your goals. For those who are ready to make those life changes, you already have a huge community of supportive, like-minded individuals who are ready to give back to you what they've already been given, and guide you through this often times intimidating and scary, yet invaluable journey.

Posted on August 22, 2015 .