Monday 12/26/16



Strength- Bench Press and Rows

*Superset- 5 sets for each movement






Unbroken Clean and Jerks


The rules:

1. You choose the weight. (Medium/heavy working weight)

 2. Touch-and-Go only at the floor; no dumping/dropping the bar.

(Even re-gripping the bar at the bottom is a broken set)

 3. You may rest with the bar off the ground only.

 4. Use same load each set to be Rx’d.

 5. If you drop/stop, reduce weight, you MUST restart the set.


*At 3-2-1-GO, perform your set of 15.

*On the 7:00, perform your set of 12.

*On the 14:00, perform your set of 9.


*NO Class this Saturday, Dec. 31st and Sunday, Jan. 1st


*Nutrition Challenge begins Saturday, Jan. 7th 2017

-Meeting at 10:30am

-Please sign-up on our website under the Nutrition program




Posted on December 25, 2016 .