Saturday - 4/23


  • Meeting at PV High track, arriving ideally around 8:40am to make sure all teams are set to go.
  • Should finish up no later than 10:15am
  • One day away! Last minute tips for tomorrow:
    -Any kind of knee protection is useful
    -Bring any kind of glove/hand cover
    -Don't wear your Gucci t-shirts Jake, they will be orange after (clothes that you would paint in ideally)
    -Have a decent amount of water that you can have each lap

    *Most importantly - have fun with it. It is a team challenge, and we are all working together to complete this thing. The mile is no easy task and will take every bit of encouragement from each and everyone of us, irregardless of who we are, and what team we're on.

Posted on April 22, 2016 .