Wednesday 6/29/16

Warm up- Dynamic Stretch

Strength- Back Squat- 4x5 @ last weeks weight + 5#

A)   Warm up before the 4x5 *5-10 reps w/ barbell

B) Set 1 can be light but this should not be a warm up.

C) Sets 2 & 3 should be at last week's final weight. If last week's "last set" was too easy you should use last week's weight on set 2 then add 5# for set 3

 D) Set 4 should be last week's weight + 5#. It is a hard but doable set with a spot. (If you added weight on set 3 then set 4 should be 10# heavier then last week.)

 As the weeks go on, if you stall adding weight at set 4 and can't get all 5 reps on your last set don't worry. As long as you can get 3 reps you should use the same weight the following week, if you miss 5 reps for 2 weeks in a row you should drop 5# and attempt 5 reps again the following week. Once you make that you should go up 5# again the next week.



 15 Minute EMOM

 7 Deadlifts ( 65% of 1R max deadlift)

 100 Meter Run


* Our 8 Week Strength Program is in its 3rd week. Monday’s will be Bench and Wednesday’s will be Back Squat until the end of this program. Coach Mike M. will be having us follow a set program to help build strength with 2 of our power movements.


* Filthy Fifty- 4th of July @ 9 am


* Abbellire Cookout @ Laura’s House- 1 pm (invites on Facebook)


* Day 29 of The Abbellire Way Nutrition Challenge


*Barbell Club every Sunday from 1pm-2:15pm


*Noon Classes Monday-Friday

Posted on June 28, 2016 .