Saturday - 7/9


"Rollover Relay"


Main Site 7/9/16

For time:
20 Lunges with barbell in front rack (185/125#)
20 Muscle-ups (Scaled to 40 challenging dips*)
200-ft. handstand walk (Scaled to 3 total minute handstand hold either on wall, or in a plank position for those not yet on the wall*)
20 Hand power cleans (185/125#)
20 Box jumps (36"/30")
20 HSPU with 6"/2" deficit
20 Front Squats (185/125#)

*Barbell Club is now moved to Fridays @ 6:15 pm starting this Friday July 8th.

* Our 8 Week Strength Program is in its 4th week. Monday’s will be Bench and Wednesday’s will be Back Squat until the end of this program. Coach Mike M. will be having us follow a set program to help build strength with 2 of our power movements.

Posted on July 8, 2016 .