Wednesday 8/3/16

Strength- Box Step Ups 3x5 Each Leg

A) Warm up before the 3x5 so 5-10 reps each leg very light.

B) Set 1 can be light but this should not be a warm up, keep your core tight and stand all the way up before putting your second foot down

C) Sets 2 & 3 should be ascending, this is a light week but make this accessory exercise tough. There is only 3 sets each leg. We test next week.




For Time:

 100 G.I. Janes


*There will be NO MORE NOON CLASSES beginning this Monday August 1, 2016


*Barbell Club is now moved to Fridays @ 6:15 pm


*Our 8 Week Strength Program is in its 8th week. Monday’s will be Bench and Wednesday’s will be Back Squat until the end of this program. Coach Mike M. will be having us follow a set program to help build strength with 2 of our power movements.


*Private Lessons now available with Coach Frank!


Posted on August 2, 2016 .