Friday 9/23/16



WOD 1:

For Max Load: 6 Rep Max Bear Complex

-Clean (any style)

-Front Squat (Squat Cleans are acceptable)

-Shoulder to Overhead from the front rack (any style- including thruster-jerks)

-Back Squat

-Shoulder to Overhead from the back rack (any style)


WOD 2:

7 minute AMRAP of, 21-15-9:


Overhead Squats

  *50 Double-unders


Elite/Rx, International Cup, Master’s 35-39, Master’s 40-44:

Deadlift Load- 225lbs/155

Overhead Squat Load- 135lbs/105

*50 Double-unders


Intermediate/Scaled, Master’s 45-49, Master’s 50+, Youth 16-18:

Deadlift Load- 185lbs/115

Overhead Squat Load- 95lbs/65lbs

*25 Double-unders


 *All Athletes in the gym will complete WOD 1. If you are registered for WODAPALOOZA you must go for 6 Rep MAX Bear Complex.


WOD 2 (for those who are not signed-up for WODapalooza):

 7 Minute AMRAP of, 21-15-9:

 Wall Balls (20/14#)

Straight Leg Sit-ups

*25 Double Unders


*You must complete jump rope after each completed set:

Example- 21 Wall Balls, 21 Straight Leg Sit-ups then 25 DU’s

15 Wall Balls, 15 Straight Leg Sit-ups then 25 DU’s





 *Charity Event- Saturday October 1st @ 9 am

~Make sure you invite a friend/family/co-worker/etc…

-$20 each person you bring

-100% of the proceeds goes to The Red Corner Benefit to support a child battling cancer



 * NUTRITION CHALLENGE! Now thru October 4th!

~Pick up your packets at the gym


* We will be having a “Bring-A- Friend” Charity Event the First Saturday of each Month. All donations will go to a different charity each month. $20’s a friend.


Posted on September 22, 2016 .